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Here’s what pet parents have to say about Yummy Chummies:
“My girl Pepper will sit and watch the treat bin every morning and every night until she gets her Yummy Chummies. It is nice to know she is so into such a healthy treat.”  “My 14-year-old boxer suffers from really bad joint pain just like me. I tried the salmon oil you make and she now has the bounce back in her step. I have thought about trying it on my old joints to see if it helps me!”“I have been buying your product for 8 years and we love it, your company and your staff. Thank you!”
   “Got some of your treats as a present for my Lab, Archie. I must say, I did not think he would like them, but man, he really goes crazy for them.”
“My son, Butch, lives in Anchorage. He sent me a big bag of Yummy Chummies Original for my boxer, Bogy. Bogy went bonkers for these treats. I was tickled when I found them at PETCO. These are the only treats he will eat now.” “Got Yummy Chummies for Christmas. My dog loves them. Thanks.”“Thanks for putting up the store locator, guys. I found three places in Florida close by.”“Thanks for getting the value bag into Petco.”“I was so happy when I found Yummy Chummies at Winn Dixie in Florida. Good job, guys!”“I just love knowing Henry’s favorite treats are healthy. Thanks.”
“My dog is the most finicky eater. I never thought he would eat your salmon treats. I was wrong. You have a new loyal customer.”“Thanks for the samples. I shared them with all of my friends. PS – They love them too.”


Check out our biggest fan fishing for salmon

The beginnings of YummyChummes –  Alaska manufacturing facility.

Keep it sustainable!!


Dogs love it!!


Great as gifts!


Made from 100% Salmon

Salmon-2-M312419_smDid we mention it’s all caught in Alaska? YUP!

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